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The Thomas Brotherz: Photos

2010 with The Dave

September 19 2010

Original Thomas Brotherz Duo 2001-2009

Mike flying solo in Del Mar, CA.
Ranch Bernardo, CA
Mr. Hogg's Blues BBQ San Marcos, CA
Valencia, CA -Don't ask.
The great escape
Michael - Theatrx 8/17/07
Yes, he really does cut his straps like that on purpose.
The Metaphor Escondido, CA
You'd think he won something..
Nice hair dude!
Mike in the studio.  "Always with the good mood!"
Nice hair (other) dude!
Paul's old ride
Signing a poster
Valentines Day 2004
Escondido 2005 with Alan
That ain't no damn chord!
Just act natural
What's that you say?
"Listen an' learn."  See the little guys on the right?
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