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The Thomas Brotherz: Music

I Love Her More

(The Thomas Brotherz)
I got a big fat dog and he looks like a log whenever he’s asleep
I got a pot-bellied hog and a google eyed frog I never get no sleep
My wife says honey we ain’t got no money
Done spent it all on that 3 legged bunny
But it’s like I’ve said before – You know I love her more
I got a green eyed snake a spider named Jake
Somewhere ‘neith the bead
I got a bob-tailed Boobie and she’s a real cuttie
You know she sits on my head
Can’t open the door or step on the floor
I can’t even open the ice box door or there’ll be
Crickets and meal worms all over the floor
But…You know I love her more
Now there’s Carl, Lennon, Chaos and Esher, Gregory, Coal and Murbus
Onyx, Annie, Cozmo and Leroy, Spit Fire, Samantha and Dad
Come feedin’ time they crowd in line
Seems like I done most lost my mind
But it’s like I said before – You know I love her more
Been times I seen her ornery, vexed and plenty mad – well
I thank the lord she ain’t never walked out on me nar’ the
Critters we fed
She’s to damn pretty to get slobbered an’ dirty
Swimmin’ in this river of swine
Got no complaints, she’s a livin’ saint - I’m glad that she’s all mine
Oh yea I’m glad that she’s all mine

© 2002 Paul Damico All Rights Reserved