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The Thomas Brotherz: Music

Parchman Farm

(The Thomas Brotherz)
Mose Allison
"Parchman Farm" is the title of many songs about Mississippi State Penitentiary, known as Parchman Farm, a hard time prison because of the Trusty system which was later outlawed.

There have been a number of blues songs written about Parchman Farm and several Blues musicians were imprisoned there, including Bukka White (who wrote "Parchman Farm Blues"), and Eddie 'Son' House. In 1939, folklorist Alan Lomax recorded White and others at Parchman Farm for the Library of Congress. (Louisiana's Angola Prison Farm had a similar musical impact.)

Mose Allison created a much-covered version of "Parchman Farm". It has been covered by Blue Cheer, The Blues Image, Blues Project, Cactus, Michael Chapman, Ray Condo, Rick Derringer, Georgie Fame, The Kingston Trio, John Mayall, Johnny Winter and now The Thomas Brotherz. With guest sax man Mr. Art Esparza.