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The Thomas Brotherz: Home


Welcome to the online home of The Thomas Brotherz.
The Thomas Brotherz are Paul Damico, Michael McFadden, and David Linaker. In 2001, A chance meeting between founding members Mike and Paul in an unexpected setting led to many late-night jam sessions (that’s a story you’ll have to ask them about—if they’re willing to talk). What started out as nothing more than a creative outlet for two longtime blues men quickly turned into much more, and in 2010 when the Dave wandered into the studio at PaNic Blues Productions, Mike and Paul knew they had found the infusion of “young blood” they had been looking for.
With their new member, The Thomas Brotherz sought to forge a new sound based on generations-old styles, drawing their influences from the Delta, Piedmont, Memphis, Chicago, Ragtime, Bluegrass, Folk, Appalachian, and Low Country styles of playing, with a dash of good ol’ rock and roll thrown in for good measure. The Thomas Brotherz’ music invokes the spirit of all the places the Blues has lived in its many incarnations, creating a vivid journey through its rich and varied history.
Featuring multi-instrumentation and vocals, blending of harmonies, skilled musicianship, a little rule breaking (ok…a LOT of rule breaking), and a deep love for the Blues, the Thomas Brotherz are a taking-names, no-holds-barred, upstart pack of misfits guaranteed to bring the house down every time.

Goin' Up The Country
Paul, Michael, and The Dave on bass